4 Best Birding Quiz Websites To Sharpen Your ID Skills

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Have you ever thought to yourself: “I want to train my bird identification skills while out birding, but I can’t seem to do them fast enough.” Well, me too. I’m sure it’s a common frustration out there that we all face, and we all wanted to be able to immediately recognize a bird without even flipping through our field guide. I’ve realized that there isn’t much of a consolidated resource online on where we can get some good birding quizzes to test our identification skills. So I pored through the internet and compiled my findings below:

Are there any birding quizzes online to test my identification skills? Yes, there are. To name a few websites: BirdQuiz.net, birdingquiz.com, computerbirding.com, birdphotos.com, and ebird.com. These websites showcase a variety of different kinds of quizzes, including multiple-choice questions, pop quizzes, slideshow quizzes, and quizzes purely by bird sounds.

Now before you go into the websites and train your bird identification skills to be the best birder in your region, allow me to elaborate on their differences and what the different online quiz websites have to offer. They each have their own methods of testing. If you’re interested in more details without having to click on the links to see, please read on!

Bird Identification Quizzes And How They Can Enhance Your Birding Experience

Whether you’re also a fellow birder like me, who genuinely wants to get to know the birds around your region better, or you want to be an expert who can name every bird that you sight, we all can benefit from knowing a little more about our feathered friends around us.

Bird identification quizzes are an amazing way to train up your skills in identifying a bird while you’re birding outdoors. I’m sure that we can all agree that we would much rather be spending more time admiring the birds for their beauty instead of flipping through that darn field guide every single time!

Imagine spotting a tiny orange bird up in the trees for the first time in your life while you were out birding, but as you flipped through your field guide in desperate search for an ID, he flitted away. What a waste. If only you know that he was a Baltimore Oriole from memory!

Bird Identification Quiz Websites

1) BirdQuiz.net

BirdQuiz is a fantastic website where birders of all levels can experience the joy of bird identification or to learn about bird species in other parts of the world. This website is an extensive compilation and an excellent resource for any birders out there. It is jammed-packed with literally hundreds of different posts on quizzes on birds. Here, I have summarizes their three main types of quizzes:

  • Slideshow Quizzes
    • In these quizzes, birds are typically presented in a simple slideshow with no clues. It simulates the real experience of birding where you have to deduce the bird species without any help. Here, you are able to choose from quizzes of different families of birds, and birds from different parts of the world. Scores here will not be tabulated.
  • Pop Quizzes
    • These quizzes will apepar randomly through each month or so. In these quizzes, the location and time of year will be hinted, with more detailed answers.
  • Multiple-choice Quizzes
    • These quizzes are ranked are classified according to your skill level. When mistakes are made, you will still be able to continue attempting the question until you get it right.

2) Birdingquiz.com

Birdingquiz.com is definitely not for the faint-hearted of birders. It offers a highly customizable quiz experience. On this bird quiz website, you will be able to choose what parameters you would like to be tested on. Here are the parameters you can adjust:

  • Country
    • You are able to adjust the geographical location where the bird species resides in. This can train your identification skills for your specific area. (USA)
  • State/Province
    • You are able to also choose the state/province of the country chosen if applicable. Great for those who are beginners who are only exposed to birds around their state. (E.g. Arkansas)
  • Bird List
    • This option is to select whether you would like to be quizzed on the most common birds or a particular type of bird. (E.g. Shorebirds)
  • Quiz Mode
    • Select the mode you want to be quizzed on. Here you have two options: multiple-choice questions and advanced.
  • Photo Fade Time
    • Here you can adjust the photo fade time for the photo shown. It ranges from no fade to 10 seconds.

After answering the question, you will be given a link with the bird species in question and an option to choose whether you recognized or didn’t recognize the bird. Score will be tabulated after 30 photos.

My suggestion: Start with short lists progressively attempt longer lists. I recommend that you sit with your favorite field guide open as you attempt the quizzes on this site, so that you can quickly make an intelligent and hinted guess on the bird in question.

3) Computerbirding.com

This website has a simple page layout but an enormous database of birds dedicated to species in Europe. It boasts a whopping 4316 photos and 105 movies for 612 bird species in total! These bird species include vagrants. This is an amazing resource because it has the following great features that you should definitely check out:

  • Quizzes are graded into 3 levels
    • The quizzes are graded into three levels: Beginner, advanced, and expert. In these separate levels of difficulty, you will be tested on 188 common bird species, 612 species, and non-multiple choice questions respectively. Great for both complete birding beginners and experts alike!
  • Quizzes available in 13 European languages
    • Not many other quiz websites and resources boast quizzes on European languages. Only this one does!
  • Upload your own bird list
    • With a high level of flexibility, you can even upload your own bird list and test yourself thereafter.
  • Register and compete for the hall of fame
    • After competing in the quiz, you can work towards sealing your name proudly in the hall of fame! You not only learn new bird species but also glory! Yay you!

4) Birdphotos.com

The website is originally hosted for the purpose of collection of bird photos in an online gallery. What’s interesting is that I found a hidden gem: its quiz page. Its quiz page boasts an extensive bird photo database of 10,000+ bird species due to its huge collection of bird photos over time. The quiz also offers high customizability in the following options:

  • Quiz Types
    • Here you can choose how you want to be tested: multiple-choice questions or no.
  • Country
    • You can select a country according to your preference.
  • Region
    • You can additionally also select to be tested on bird species from multiple regions.

However, what makes this quiz platform different from the others is its bird sounds. Yes, this is the only online bird identification platform that features the birds’ sounds. This is an additional boost in your bird identification repertoire when you are birding outdoors.

Final Thoughts

While the bird identification websites mentioned above have their differences, I hope you have found the fit that is just right for you – whether you are a complete beginner, an advanced birder or just birder parents wanting to have a fun quiz with their kids. Happy quizzing and happy birding!

Related Questions

How Should You Attempt Bird Identification Quizzes?

How Should You Attempt Bird Identification Quizzes? Always attempt the bird identification quiz with a field guide in hand, so you can refer to a possible bird species, and confirm it when the answer is shown. Thereafter, take notes on the bird identified on your logbook so you won’t forget it again. If you do not have a field guide, consider downloading a free birding app to assist you. Examples you can consider are: Audubon Bird Guide, eBird, and Merlin Bird ID.

Start with the bird list in your area, once you have matured and can fully recall a certain list of birds/tier completely, advance progressively by adding on more geographical locations, and moving to higher tiers on the platform. After you have finished and exhausted all bird species in a platform, move over to birdphotos.com, where you can specifically listen out for bird sounds to train birding by ear.

Which Bird Identification Quiz Should You Attempt First As A Beginner?

Which Bird Identification Quiz Should You Attempt First As A Beginner? You should start with the beginners’ multiple-choice quiz at birdquiz.net, where you can start with extremely simple pictures shown. The quiz will only test on which type of bird it is, for simplicity’s sake. The beginner quizzes are an ease with a tinge of challenge just enough to whet enough of your appetite to more serious bird identification to come. Take note that this is suitable for complete beginners and even kids who are interested in the art of birding!

As a beginner, you will probably be stumped with most of the questions, but don’t give up, even all experts have started somewhere. Most importantly, learn to enjoy the learning process as you learn how to identify birds by both sight and by ear.


Justin is a hobbyist birder that hopes to share his birding knowledge with the world. His favorite bird is the Large-tailed Nightjar and he really loves potato chips!

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