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Justin Chia

Founder and CEO
Justin is the founder of Birding Outdoors. His degree in biology and interest in birds and nature led him here.

Jasper Grayson

Main Writer
Jasper is a prolific writer that loves everything about nature. He’s also a natural at posing for pictures in it.


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More about Justin, Our Founder

Hey there!

I’m Justin Chia, and I hail from Singapore, a city-state country in Asia. Singapore is a tropical country and is great for spotting a surprising variety of birds all year-round, especially in the bird migration months.

I started getting into birding while I was pursuing a Bachelor’s in biological sciences, which helped me better understand the biology and beauty of birds!

The park outside my window

I first started birding as a hobby when I was looking out the window at the park beside my apartment. There were SO many birds calling and flying around just outside my house!

I was amazed that how birds were like real-life pokemon where we get the same thrill when we ‘catch’ a rare bird. And the rest is history!

Here’s how dead simple I started: I grabbed my binoculars and took some pictures with my smartphone of a Crested Goshawk outside my college dorm. There’s no shame in being a beginner!

I’ve made many mistakes along the way and got frustrated in many instances along the way. Through this blog, I hope to promote birding and provide all the advice that I can!

There’s really no shame in being a beginner, considering how I started.

So come! Let’s grow in our birding knowledge and skills together!

Justin Chia