What Colors Attract Birds? (A Complete Guide!)

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Have you ever wondered why it is that certain birds are drawn to different colors?

Whether you’re a budding birdwatcher or already an avid enthusiast, learning more about the various colors and patterns associated with attracting different species of birds can provide helpful insight into your avian-viewing adventures.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into which colors attract various species of songbirds in both urban and rural settings

Read on to learn the right colors to bring feathered friends flocking your way!

Do Birds Get Attracted to Colors?

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The answer is yes! Certain colors are known to be more attractive to birds, as they stand out against the natural environment and provide a visual stimulus.

Red, yellow, and orange are among the most popular bird-attracting shades, while blues and greens tend to have less of an impact on additional species.

What colors attract birds?

1. Red:

Bright red is one of the most popular bird-attracting colors. It’s likely that birds, like many other animals, are attracted to this hue because of its intense brightness and contrast against a backdrop of green plants and trees.

Red is especially associated with attracting hummingbirds, as they can easily spot these vibrant flowers in bloom.

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2. Yellow:

Like red, yellow is another light-reflecting hue that stands out in nature.

This color is known for particularly attracting goldfinches and other small species, as they’re able to spot the bright petals of yellow flowers more easily than some of their larger counterparts.

Additionally, some species are drawn to the yellow reflection that can come from bird feeders

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3. Orange:

Orange is a popular color for attracting birds, especially in migratory species such as orioles.

These birds are often drawn to the bright orange of marigolds and other citrus-hued flowers, which can help them spot food sources more easily during their long journeys. Additionally, orange pigment on houses or bird feeders may be attractive to some

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4. Blue:

Blue is a less widely known bird-attracting color, but it can be quite effective for certain species.

Bluebirds in particular are drawn to the shade of blue that mimics the sky, while other species may have an affinity for blues and purples seen in nature. Additionally, some birds may be attracted to the blue reflection that comes off of bird.

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5. Green:

Green is the least popular bird-attracting color, as its presence in nature doesn’t stand out against the backdrop of other plants and trees. That said, it can be effective for certain species –– especially hummingbirds –– when used on feeders or birdhouses that are otherwise colored bright red or yellow. 

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Do birds possess excellent color vision?

Yes! Birds typically have excellent color vision, which helps them to spot food sources and other species in their environment.

While each bird species may be drawn to different colors, they all share the ability to see variations in hue that human eyes can’t detect.

This makes birds incredibly adept at picking out the right colors for attracting other feathered friends –– so keep this in mind when planning out which shades you’ll use for your bird feeders or houses!

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What are the other factors that birds find attractive?

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1. Food:

Food is perhaps the most important factor in attracting birds. Whether you’re using bird feeders or planting flowers that are known to attract certain species, having a reliable food source can make all the difference in bringing feathered friends flocking your way.

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2. Water:

Birds also require access to water for drinking and bathing, so having an easily accessible bird bath or fountain nearby can be a major plus in attracting more birds. Additionally, certain plants with shallow roots can help provide a natural source of water that’s attractive to many species.

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3. Shelter: 

Shelter is also essential for birds, as it helps them to feel safe and secure in their environment. Birdhouses, nesting boxes, or shrubs with thick foliage are all excellent sources of shelter for birds –– so make sure you’re providing plenty of these amenities if you want more feathered friends to come your way!


Attracting birds is a fun and rewarding hobby –– but it takes more than just the right colors to make your feathered friends come flocking!

By providing reliable food sources, plenty of water with the best bird bath, and good shelter options, you can ensure that your bird-viewing adventures are as successful as possible.

With our tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect bird-watching habitat –– so get started today!


What colors are birds attracted to? 

Different species of birds have different preferences when it comes to color, but many are drawn to bright colors like red, yellow, and orange. Additionally, certain foliage with ultraviolet patterns may be attractive to some species, while darker colors like blue or green can also help draw birds in. 

What are some ways to attract birds to your backyard? 

Providing reliable sources of food, water, and shelter can all help entice birds to your yard. Additionally, certain colors or patterns like ultraviolet shades may also be attractive to some species –– so don’t hesitate to experiment! Finally, researching the type of bird you’re trying to attract and providing colors that match their natural habitat can be beneficial in drawing feathered friends your way. 

Are there any specific colors that hummingbirds are attracted to? 

Hummingbirds are particularly drawn to red, so if you’re looking for a way to attract these beautiful birds to your backyard, then consider investing in some bright red flowers or even a red feeder! Additionally, providing a reliable source of nectar and shelter can also help draw these feathered friends near.

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