5 Best Bird Baths to Attract Birds (Reviewed for 2023!)

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Bird baths are more than just charming adornments for your garden; they are invitations to a vibrant world right in your own backyard.

With the right bird baths, bird baths can be the key to creating a haven for enthusiastic birdwatchers. 

In this article, we will explore five best bird baths to allow you to attract the right species of birds.

Let’s transform your backyard into a garden oasis and bring the beauty of nature closer to you!

What are the best bird baths?

Our green spaces are more than just pit stops; they can be a haven, a sanctuary for one of the world’s most beautiful creatures.

Here are the best bird baths in the market today:

1. Monarch Abode Pure Copper Hanging Hammered Bird Bath

Hanging bird baths are wonderful because they allow you to try different locations to situate your bird bath.

This lets you trial and error, perfect for people facing space constraints. Hanging bird baths also ensure that our visitors are away from predators, especially if you have cats at home!

Monarch Abode’s version, made of pure copper, is not only heavy for practical reasons, but the color is also beyond beautiful. It’s pleasant and aesthetically pleasing, and the simplicity of design is another plus point. 

Key Features 

  • Hand-hammered Copper: Well-built, sturdy, and built to last.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to clean with cloth or brush; therefore, it reduces algae growth occurrences.
  • Perfect 2 inches depth: Appropriate depth for birds to take a bath. Encourages greater activities. 


  • Tarnish of Copper: There have been some complaints about the copper tarnishing, turning the bird bath black. 
  • Uneven welding: Some may not have been welded evenly. Hence, the water may not be level. 
  • Easy Evaporation of Water: The wide width of the bowl means a higher surface area. Hence, there probably needs to be a higher frequency in replenishing the water. 
  • Spilling of Water: Probably not unique to this particular bird bath, hanging bird baths tend to sway in strong winds, hence causing water spillage. 

Bottom Line

The Monarch Abode hanging bird bath is a great addition for those who are new to the world of bird watching.

Using this as a trial without taking up too much real estate space, you can easily decide whether bird baths should have a permanent place in your yard. 

2. Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

Bird watching should not be a passion confined to warmer days.

Ice-cold water isn’t safe or pleasant for our little bird friends, so encourage birds to continue visiting your yard during winter with a heated bird bath.

This deck-mounted bird bath by Allied Precision withstands sub-zero temperatures, and the power cord can be disconnected and kept under the basin when not in use, making this perfect for use 365 days a year. 

Key Features

  • Clamp-on Mounting Bracket with Hinge: This allows the basin to be tilted easily to remove stagnant water without requiring one to lift the entire basin. 
  • 120-volt Heating Element: Operating at 150 watts, this water basin is powerful enough even at sub-zero temperatures to prevent ice from forming. 


  • Loose Mounting Bracket: Some customers have complained that the mounting hardware is flimsy and may not be sturdy enough to secure the basin tightly to the deck.
  • Ineffective in Extreme Cold Weather: The heating element may not be strong enough to prevent ice formation in extremely cold weather, with some saying that water starts to freeze at negative 20 degrees. 

Bottom Line

A heated bird bath is a necessity for those who are fortunate enough to experience the beauty of all four seasons.

Nevertheless, with the unpredictability of weather conditions, we should also be prepared to offer our furry friends the availability of clean, warm water to help them through the harsh weather. The Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath is a good option which lasts for many, many years. 

3. Campania International Kosei Birdbath

Ground bird baths like these are minimalist, one-piece models, perfect for small, tight spaces!

Because it is low-rise, the proximity to the ground appeals to the instinct of many birds when they would have to come down to the ground to drink water in the wild.

In particular, this Kosei Birdbath is perfect for attracting certain species of birds, such as ducks, hawks, and even doves.

Key Features 

  • Made of Stone Cast Concrete with a Patina finish: The finishing of this bird bath means that it will weather naturally and hence is designed to last a lifetime. 
  • Substantial Weight to Prevent Tipping: At 23 pounds, it is by no means a light piece. But this also means that it is sturdy and stable and will not be easily tipped over. This is especially important for a ground bath when even certain non-feathered friends, such as raccoons or skunks, may need a drink, and this Kosei Birdbath is good to cater to backyard visitors who have a heavier weight.
  • Easy Maintenance: The surfaces can be easily cleaned with a soft brush and mild detergent. Easy cleaning helps to prevent algae from forming. 


  • Formation of Rust: Some people have complained that rust may form easily at the bottom of the water catchment area. 
  • Collection of Debris: The close proximity to the ground also means that debris, such as fallen leaves and dirt from the ground, may easily be blown into the basin. More frequent replacement of water is required. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something that does not take up too much space, this zen-inspired Kosei Birdbath is the perfect addition to your garden.

Despite its size, it is a sturdy piece that caters to a wide range of birds.

This beautiful bird bath is also small enough to be kept indoors during winter.  

4. Vivohome Polyresin Garden Bird Bath and Fountain

Birds love water fountains and prefer moving water very much to still water.

This Vivohome standing bird bath provides water circulation to clear algae buildup, and more importantly, the pleasant sound of splashing water is enticing for birds and bird enthusiasts. 

Key Features

  • Durable Material: Made of weather-resistant polyresin with a beautiful design and finish, it is tough, capable of withstanding weather elements, and designed to last a long time.
  • Solar Powered Fountain: Environmentally friendly, this solar-powered fountain takes its energy from the sun, helping you to save on your electric bills too. 
  • Multiple Water Patterns: The fountain heads can be easily switched out, therefore, multiple water patterns ensure a different atmosphere each time. 


  • Water Evaporation: A stable stream of water supply is required for the fountain to work properly, especially on sunny days when the evaporation of water may be more intense.  
  • P ump does not work on cloudy or rainy days. 
  • Water Spillage: The water pattern is too high for some people’s liking, and also, wind may easily cause the water to spray out of the bath. 

Bottom Line

A bird bath with a water fountain may have more electrical parts that one needs to fiddle with, but the sight and sound of moving water are unparalleled by still water.

This bird bath by Vivohome is a good investment if you’re looking to upgrade your current bird bath to one with more features, and its antique color and design will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden.

5. Alpine Corporation Outdoor Ceramic Pedestal Bird Bath

This ceramic pedestal bird bath can easily be a focal point for your garden, patio, deck, or any outdoor space.

Alpine Corporation is one of America’s leading designers and importers of superior home-quality products, so one can rest assured of the superior quality of their ceramic bird baths. 

Key Features

  • Shallow and Wide Bowl: Allows multiple birds to drink and bathe safely simultaneously. 
  • Ceramic Material: The ceramic material allows the bird bath to withstand most weather elements, ensuring its long lifespan.
  • Sturdy Pedestal: Ensures stability of the bird path, preventing tipping over. 
  • Beautiful Vintage Design: With a stylish antique look, this bird bath fits into the overall feel of most outdoor spaces. It brings with it charisma and an old-school charm, and with its size of 19” x 16” x 24”, it nicely fits the size of most yards.


  • Not Resistant to Cold Weather: The ceramic material’s nature means it can crack during harsh, cold winters. Therefore, if you live in an area where winter temperature falls below freezing temperature, you would still need to go through the hassle of keeping this away until warmer temperatures return.
  • Installation Requires Precision: The bird bath requires precise bowl attachment to the pedestal. An inaccurate installation may cause water to leak easily. 

Bottom Line

The Alpine Corporation Ceramic Bird Bath is a good outdoor garden addition. If you are looking for not just a bird bath but also one that serves as a beautiful addition to your yard, then this bird bath is a good, solid choice.

Furthermore, with a reputable company like Alpine Corporation, you can be assured of a good quality bird bath that will serve you for a long time.

What are Bird Baths? 

Bird baths are shallow containers filled with water that are specifically designed for birds to bathe and drink from. They serve as an important water source for birds, especially during dry periods when natural water sources may be scarce.

Bird baths are not just for birds to bathe. As much as we like to think that birds are creatures of vanity, bird baths serve a more practical reason or two. 

The most obvious reason for a bird bath is that it allows them to hydrate. It helps our feathered friends beat the heat, especially on hot summer days.

Bird baths typically have a shallow basin or bowl that is elevated on a pedestal or placed on the ground. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, including ceramic, concrete, metal, or plastic.

Record-breaking temperatures, droughts, hazy days, and loss of natural habitats have driven many birds away from their safe spaces, causing them to lose important water sources.

So installing bird baths is one way we can help them out.

Bird baths can be a great addition to your garden or outdoor space, attracting a variety of bird species and providing them with a place to cool off, clean their feathers, and hydrate.

A good bath also plays an important role in feather maintenance.

Feathers are the vital lifeline that creates the magic in birds – they allow them to communicate, keep warm, defend themselves, waterproof, and, most importantly, fly.

In other words, birds need good feathers to survive.

This means that even in the coldest months of the year when we are hesitant to take off our winter coats, birds still need a good bath and are usually eager to do so. That is the role and importance of a winter bird bath.

What is the purpose of bird baths?

Bird baths serve as more than just a decorative element in your garden. They play a vital role in maintaining the overall well-being of birds.

Here are a few key reasons why bird baths are a must-have:

  • Hydration: Providing clean water for birds to drink is essential, especially during hot summer months or dry spells.
  • Feather Care: Birds frequently bathe to keep their feathers clean, which aids in flight, insulation, and overall health.
  • Attracting Wildlife: By offering a refreshing bathing spot, you’ll invite a myriad of colorful birds to visit your garden, making it a delightful hotspot for birdwatching.

Types of Bird Baths

Bird baths come in various designs, materials, and styles.

Here are a few of the best bird bath types to consider:

  • Traditional Pedestal Bird Bath: These classic bird baths feature a basin resting on a sturdy pedestal, providing a raised perch for birds to bathe and drink from.
  • Copper/Glass Hanging Bird Bath: Perfect for small spaces or balconies, hanging bird baths attach to a tree branch or hook, enticing birds to splash and frolic in the air.
  • Ground-Level Bird Bath: Mimicking natural water sources, these shallow basins are placed directly on the ground, catering to ground-feeding birds like sparrows and doves.

Tips for Setting Up Your Bird Bath

To create an inviting habitat for your avian visitors, follow these tips:

  • Location: Place your bird bath in a quiet and safe area, away from potential predators. Ensure that birds have a clear view of their surroundings to avoid ambushes.
  • Water Depth: Birds prefer shallow water, so aim for a depth of around 1-2 inches. Add smooth stones or pebbles to provide different depths for various bird species.
  • Fresh Water: Change the water regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, or mosquito larvae. Clean the basin with a mild vinegar and water solution to maintain hygiene.
  • Landscaping: Enhance the appeal of your bird bath by surrounding it with native plants, creating a natural sanctuary that birds will love to explore.
  • Add a Bird Feeder: Adding a bird feeder to your backyard can play a big part in attracting birds, even smaller birds, to your bird bath.


Getting a bird bath is important to attract birds to your backyard.

A well-chosen bird bath is essential for bird enthusiasts and a really pretty way to invite feathered friends to your outdoor space. 

There are many bird baths, so depending on what birds you want to attract, when you want to attract them, and where you want to attract them, the different variations serve different purposes. 

So, indulge in this delightful addition to your garden, and enjoy the peace, calm, and tranquility of inviting nature to your space. 

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